Check Vodafone Balance, Minutes and Validity in UK Number!

Vodafone balance check number and credit inquiry for data UK

Hello Vodafone UK users, in this article I am going to tell you several ways of checking balance in your Vodafone SIM. If you have a UK sim then you have the following 5 ways to know your balance (pay as you go or monthly contract).

Vodafone MMI/USSD Codes

USSD code is a great way to query your mobile operator and get the response for your query immediately. You can dial the following Vodafone USSD code number to check the remaining balance in your number.

Vodafone Balance Checking Code: *#1345#

My Vodafone App

Vodafone mobile app gives you the ability to check your mobile sim card balance anytime. This app also gives you several other options to manage your sim card.

Download Vodafone App:

Number for Checking Vodafone Balance

You can also check your mobile number balance by giving a miss call to following Vodafone balance checking number. You just have to click on the following number to delete and your call will be automatically disconnected.

Vodafone Balance Checking Number: 2345 (payg) or 44555 (monthly)

Now, within a few second you will get a text from your Telecom operator having your sim card balance and validity details.

Check Vodafone Balance via TEXT

If you want to know your Vodafone balance using text message then type the following text and send it to 123.

Vodafone Check Balance (via Text): not known

Wait for a few seconds and you will get a message from your mobile operator about your sim card balance and other details.

Manage Vodafone Account Online

If you prefer a PC or Mac over mobile apps and other ways then you can check your Vodafone number balance online as well. Just register your SIM card number with the Vodafone official website and create an account.

Register or Login:

Now you can log into your account any time to check your balance and others sim card related information.

Contact Vodafone Customer Care

Now, if you are facing problem checking your mobile balance using above methods then you can contact customer care. A human representative will listen to you and let you know your mobile number balance and other information.

Vodafone Customer Care:

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