How to Check Balance in Virgin MOBILE

5 Simple Methods to Check Virgin Mobile Balance!

Hello Virgin mobile users, if you are looking for a way to check your Virgin mobile sim balance then you are at right place. In this article, I am going to introduce you to several ways of checking your balance in monthly contract and pay-as-you-go virgin mobile’s sim.

How to Check Balance in Virgin MOBILE

Virgin Mobile Balance via TEXT

If you like sending text then this is a great option for you. You can just type a text in following format and send it to your mobile operator. Now, you will receive a text from your mobile operator having your sim card balance details and other information.

Check Virgin Balance: text BALANCE to 789000 

Check Balance with Official App

Using official mobile app is one of the easiest way to check your mobile balance and do several other SIM related task.  You can use your official mobile app to check your mobile balance and do several other sim related task.

Virgin Mobile My Account App (Android):

Virgin mobile My account Android app will help you check balance of virgin pay as you go and monthly contract also.

Virgin Mobile – Check Balance with MMI/USSD Code

You can check your mobile balance by dialling following USSD code from your mobile. The best thing is that it’s toll free. You don’t even need internet connection to check your sim card balance.

Balance Checking Code: not known yet

Number for Checking Virgin Mobile Balance

If you prefer calling, then dial the following balance checking mobile number. Your call will be automatically terminated and you will get an acknowledgement text. This text message will contain information about your sim card balance and other credits.

Virgin Balance Checking Number: 789

Check Balance Online (using PC or MAC)

You can check your sim credit online as well. You just need to register at the official site. Then login into your account and you can find your balance and other sim related info there.

Login or Signup:

Contact Customer Care

If you are still unable to check balance of your Virgin number then it’s time to reach customer care.

Virgin Customer Care Number:

You may want to checkout the official Joining Pack:

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