How to Check Balance in TESCO MOBILE

5 Easy Ways To Check Balance in Tesco Mobile Number!

Dear Tesco users, do you want to check your airtime balance right now? Then you have a good news. Here I am going to tell you 5 different ways to check your Tesco balance.

How to Check Balance in TESCO MOBILE

Tesco Mobile App

One of the several ways of checking your sim card balance is by using Tesco mobile app. This app provides you many features such as balance checking, online recharge, addon services and much more.

Download App:

Please note that you need to have your mobile handset connected to internet else you won’t be able to check your balance and perform other task on the app.

Check Tesco Balance with MMI/USSD Codes

Tesco balance can be checked by dialing following USSD mobile code from your handset. Just click on the following number to dial it right now from our website. This number is toll free and you won’t be charged for dialing this.

Tesco Balance Check (via USSd code): not known yet

Number to Check Tesco Balance

Dialing balance checking number is also a convenient way to check your sim card balance. You just have to call on the following number and it will automatically get disconnected.

Check Balance Tesco via Calling (payg): 282

After few seconds you will get a text message from your Telecom operator having your balance details and other information.

Know your Balance via TEXT

You can know your Tesco balance by sending a text message to your mobile operator.

Know your Tesco Balance (via Text): BALANCE to 2112

You will get an acknowledgement message with your sim card balance and other important details.

Manage Online Account

To check your sim balance online using PC or Mac – you need to register at official website. Now you can login into your account anytime to check your account balance and other sim related information.

Register or Login (Pay Monthly):

Register or Login (payg):

Call Customer Care

If you like getting help from customer care then this is the option for you. Just call the customer care number, follow some computer instructions and get connected to a human representative. Now you can ask him to verify your sim card balance and other details.

Tesco Customer Care Number: 0345 301 4455 or 4455 from your Tesco Mobile


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