How to Check Balance in NowMobile

Do You Know 7 Ways to Check Your NOW PAYG Balance?

Hello Now mobile users, in this article I am going to tell you several ways of checking your pay as you go balance in Now mobile number. Follow any of the following method and know remaining amount in your sim card.

How to Check Balance in NowMobile

Now PAYG Number for Balance Checking

If you wish to check your mobile balance then dial the following Now balance checking number and follow the instructions.

Number to Check NOW Balance: 699

Make A Short Call

Make a Short call. Yes, you read it right. NOW mobile will send a short message at the end of each call. You can get balance information in message.

MMI/USSD code for Knowing Now PAYG Balance!

You can know your Now balance by dialing following USSD code from your mobile. The best thing is that it’s toll free. You don’t even need internet connection to check your balance.

Check Now PAYG Balance (USSD Code): not available yet

Using Now App

Every is now using smartphone and rely heavily on mobile apps and services. NOW PAYG also have an official mobile app to help you check balance, recharge online, manage addon services and more!

Download App: Not available yet

Manage NOW Account Online

If you are a PC or Mac user then you can check your sim card balance online. Just register your mobile number with the official website and create an account.

Register or Login:

You can now log into your account any time to check your balance and others sim related information.

Check Balance with TEXT

If you like sending text then this is a great option for you. You can just type a text in following format and send it to your mobile operator.

Now Check Balance via Text: not known yet

Now, you will shortly receive a text from your mobile operator having your sim card balance details and other information.

Contact NOW Customer Care

There are several methods to check your Now mobile number balance. But if none of them are working for you then it’s time to contact customer care.

NOW Customer Care Number: Call 669 (from your Now PAYG mobile)
Now CC Number: 02078717669 (from another phone)

Once connected, you can ask them to verify your balance in NOW sim card and feel free to ask other sim related questions.

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