EE Network Issues – Is there any EE network problems?

EE is one of the largest and most popular telecom company in the UK. If you want to use fastest mobile data then you are usually recommend EE or EE network based telecom operator. But things gets unpleasant when you face EE network issues and problems. In this situation when find EE network down, you have following options available –

Check the Network Status!

If you are facing any problem with EE network then you can check the EE network coverage and it’s status on their official website.

Check EE network Status:

This network status checker will give you idea about the health of EE services right now. This will ensure that you are not alone who is facing such problems.

Check the EE Network Coverage Map

It might be possible that EE service is working perfectly but you are the only one who is facing EE network issues at your home or office. You can check the EE coverage map to see if your location is having sufficient signal strength or not.

EE network coverage and EE mobile coverage from nperf
EE network coverage and EE mobile coverage from nperf

What are the Common EE Network Problems?

According to , EE usually have these three types of major problem.

  • Mobile phone (38%)
  • No mobile network (34%)
  • Mobile internet (26%)

These states are valid right now and might be different when you’ll read this. I hope EE will improve these issues and problems.

EE Network Issues Today

There are free few websites those can track the network problems and issues with EE Telecom. These websites are as follows-

  • Downdetector.UK

If the EE network is down or have any network problem, then most probably – you can find a lot of activity on these websites.

More Information

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Call the Customer Care Support

You can also call EE customer support care to discuss your issue. You can also reach them via your PC. Open the official website and visit contact us page to connect by chat over join the community.

Still having Issues – Share with Us!

If you are facing any issue with EE network right now please, let us know in the comments below. Share your experiences with others to know that they are not alone and might be EE network is down.

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