EE Coverage Map & Network Coverage Checker for EE Mobile!

EE network coverage and EE mobile coverage from nperf

EE is one of the most popular and fastest 4G Telecom operator in the UK. But things get unpleasant when you have poor network coverage in your house or office. Now we are providing you EE coverage map and EE coverage checker for any signal or network related problems or issues.

EE Coverage Checker for EE Network

You can check the coverage of EE network by visiting the official website. You just have to enter your area pin code and device info (optional) and they will calculate and give you information about quality of signal and its strength at your location.

EE coverage checker (official site):

Please note that the information provided by official website is not always exactly accurate – because this information is computer calculated and estimated. Many other factors involved in signal strength and quality – as mentioned in next section of this article.

EE Coverage Map

The EE coverage map gives you an idea as to where in the UK the signal gets stronger and where they stops working. The signal strength depends upon many factors such as environment condition on the day of testing, your distance from the telecom tower, objects and hurdles between your house and the network tower (building walls trees etc).

EE Coverage Map from OpenSignal

According to they provide coverage map by collecting data from UK crowd who are using their app. This app directly contributes to test the network coverage.

EE coverage map from Opensignal

EE Coverage from RootMatrics also have their data on EE network. You can view the EE network coverage on a map according to call performance, fast speed and best technology. EE coverage map from looks like as follows.

EE Mobile Coverage Map

Here is another statistics from on EE mobile network coverage. You can find the latest network coverage information on their website.

EE network coverage and EE mobile coverage from nperf

Are You Having a Network Issue or Problem?

If you are having EE network problem then you might not be alone. It might be an EE network issue. In that case you can rely on following two website.


Both of these website have real time data and past data about EE network problems. If EE network is down you can find lots of activity, comments and responses on these sites.

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Still Have Questions about Network Coverage?

In case, you still have some questions regarding EE network coverage. Then the best bet is to call customer care and talk to them regarding same.