Three Coverage Map for Checking 3 Network Coverage in Your Area!

Three is a well-known telecom giant in the UK. It’s known for its unlimited plans and data with streaming from Netflix, Apple Music, SoundCloud, TVPlayer, History Channel etc. Three also has pretty nice offers for ‘pay as you go’ customers. But things change when you get poor network coverage. So, in this article, I am providing you Three coverage map and Three coverage checker for checking 3 signal strength & quality.

Three Mobile Coverage Checker

Three Telecom operator provides 3 coverage map and network status checker on their official website. You have to enter your location postcode and have to select device you are using. Then, 3 will present you with information about their signal strength.

Three coverage checker (official site):

You have to note that the network coverage information provided by 3 website might not be 100% accurate as it is computer calculated. The result is assumed but usually correct. Actual signal strength depends on many other factors such as your distance from the mast, hurdles and objects between your place and mast – walls, building etc.

Three Coverage Map

You can access Three coverage map from following websites – including the official website link. Network coverage map gives you the idea where signal gets weaker and stronger.  Also note that even if the signal coverage is good in your area, you may receive poor signal because it depends on following factors-

  • Your distance from mast – higher the distance, lower will be the signal strength.
  • Hurdles between your place and mast – tress, thick concrete walls, building lower the signal quality
  • Weather condition – like rain also decreases signal strength.

OpenSignal – Three Coverage Map provide three coverage map by collecting signal strength data from UK population who are using their app. You can also use their app to contribute. This app helps them to gather data about network coverage and its strength.

Three coverage map from Opensignal

3 Network Coverage from RootMatrics also have their own data and stats for 3 network coverage. You can find three coverage map – on the basis of speed, performance & technology.

Three Mobile Coverage Map is a well-known site that shows information and coverage stats for different networks around the globe. Here is the screenshot for 3 network coverage.

If You are Having 3 Network Issue/Problems!

Hey, you might not be the only one who is facing issue with three mobile. In that case, you might want to check out the following links to ensure it’s not a fault at 3 side.

  • Official 3 website

These sites show current information and past data about Three network problems and issues. When Three network goes down – people like you and me visit these website and you can see activities from everyone there.

More Information on Three

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Still Facing Network Coverage Problem?

If you are facing issue with 3 network coverage then take a close look at three coverage map and other coverage checker sites. If the problem persists then it’s time to call the customer support team or digg here