How to Check Your Plusnet Mobile Balance? Plusnet Bill & Usage!

Hello Plusnet mobile users, are you looking for a way to check your Plusnet mobile balance? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here I am going to tell you, half a dozen ways to check your Plusnet usage and bill details.

Manage Account – Login into Official Website!

You can check your Plusnet SIM balance online as well. You just need to register at the official site – Then login into your account and you can find your usage and bill details.

Plusnet Balance Check (Manage Account):

Plusnet Mobile Balance Check via App

Using official mobile app is one of the easiest way to check your mobile balance and do several other SIM related task. You can use your official mobile app to check your mobile balance and do several other sim related task.

Download Plusnet Mobile App: coming soon

Unfortunately, there are no valid links found for Plusnet mobile app online. Although, some traces of app can be found on their community forum.

Plusnet Balance Checking Number

If you wish to check your Plusnet balance or any other SIM or account related information then dial the following Plusnet mobile number.

Plusnet Mobile Number: 500

You can always contact above Plusnet mobile number (i.e. 500) or can reach their live chat support.

MMI/USSD Code for Plusnet Mobile

Unfortunately, there is no MMI/USSD code available from Plusnet mobile. IF there is any information, I’ll update it on this page.

Similar way, there is no SMS number available where you can type text  BALANCE and sent it to get balance details and validity/bill.

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Still Having Trouble?

So it’s an unlucky day for you? You are still having issues checking Plusnet balance in your sim card. Now, there must be something wrong. And I want you to let me know everything in a comment below so that I can help you. Till then, you can find a lot of information at

You can also call Plusnet Customer care to know your mobile balance or any other sim related information. Please note that this could be a little lengthy process and you might have to wait a couple of minutes before a human representative could get connected to you.

I hope this article on – “How to check Plusnet Balance?” is helpful for you.