5 Easy Methods to Check giffgaff Balance in your Number!

Hello GiffGaff users, do you want to know your giffgaff balance right now? If Yes! Then you are at right place. Here I am going to tell you different ways to check your giffgaff  balance anytime anywhere.

How to Check Balance in Giffgaff Mobile

Check giffgaff Balance using MMI/USSD Code

USSD/MMI mobile shortcodes is an easy way to check your balance. You just have to click on the following number to dial it and get your balance in screen.

Check remaining airtime credit: *100#

Check remaining minutes in goodybag: *100*7#

This USSD code number is toll free and you won’t be charged for it. The best thing about USSD code is that you don’t even need to have WiFi or data pack activated on your mobile.

My giffgaff App

Giffgaff mobile app provides many features like online recharge, balance check, community connect and more. You can install this app on your smartphone to check your balance anytime when you want.

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.giffgaffmobile.controller&hl=en

Giffgaff Number to Check Balance

You can up also know your giffgaff balance by dialing following balance checking number.

giffgaff number to check balance: not known yet

You just have to give a miss call to the above number. Your call to this number will be automatically terminated. Click on the number to dial it right now.

Check Balance using TEXT Method

If you are used to sending text then this is an awesome option for you. You just have to type a text in the following format and send it to 192.

Giffgaff Balance Check: text BALANCE to 43430

After a few seconds you’ll get a response text having your airtime balance details and validity information.

Manage giffgaff Account Online

You can also check your giffgaff balance online. Firstly, you have to register your number with the official website and create an account. Now you can log in to this account any time to check your balance or any other sim related information.

Register or Login: https://www.giffgaff.com/dashboard

Contact Customer care

For me, customer care is always the last resort. If you are facing difficulty using USSD code or getting online to check your sim card balance. Then just call the customer care and ask them to confirm your sim card balance.

Giffgaff Customer Care Number: No Official Number Available. Web-Based Support Only.

Try Official Support: https://www.giffgaff.com/boiler-plate/contact

Note: Giffgaff do not operate a call center, so there is no telephone number you can ring to speak to a person. Giffgaff Support is web based.

More on Giffgaff

You will be glad to know that I have published few more USSD codes for giffgaff. You can find them below.

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Still Having Issue?

There are many ways to check giffgaff balance but if you are still having issue then let me know in a comment below. I will try to look into your matter and help you.