How to Check Balance in ASDA Mobile

Learn 4 Ways to Check Your ASDA Mobile Balance!

Dear ASDA mobile customers, are you looking online for ways to know your ASDA mobile balance? Then you are at right place. Here, I am going to tell you 6 different ways to check your ASDA mobile balance.

How to Check Balance in ASDA Mobile

Check ASDA mobile Balance with USSD Codes

MMI/USSD codes is a great way to query your mobile operator and get response for your query immediately. You can dial the following USSD code to check remaining airtime balance in your sim card.

ASDA mobile balance Check Code: *# 345#

ASDA mobile Number to Check Balance

You just have to call the following number to know your ASDA balance. Call 2732 from your handset and follow the instructions on the automated service.

Number to Check ASDA mobile Balance: 2732

Check Balance via TEXT

If you are used to sending TEXT then this is an awesome option for you. You just have to type a text “BAL” in the following format and send it to 2732.

ASDA Check Balance (using TEXT): BAL to 2732

Now, within few seconds you will get a response text having your airtime balance details and validity information.

Manage Online Account

Do you love your PC on Mac? And your love using them? Then this is an option for you. You just need to register your mobile number with ASDA mobile official site and create an account there.

Register or Login: Not available yet

Now you can log in to this online account anytime to know your balance and you can also perform several other task through this account.

My ASDA Mobile App

Every telecom company now provides their official app to perform sim related to task directly from your phone. You just have to install the ASDA mobile official app on your phone and you can perform the several task such as online recharge, balance checking, manage addon services and much more.

Download: not available yet

You must have your handset connected to the internet so that you can use this app and its functionality.

Contact ASDA mobile Customer Care

Now, if you are facing any problem checking your mobile balance using all above automated methods then you can contact customer care. A human representative will listen to you and let you know your sim balance and other information.

ASDA mobile Customer Care Number: 2732

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One thought on “Learn 4 Ways to Check Your ASDA Mobile Balance!”

  1. Hi ime mark ive bin with asda mobile for quite a few years now and so has my partner. I checked my balance on friday 18th may 2018 and it didnt say i had a data bundle active so i topped up 5 pounds and went to apply a data bundle but it wouldnt let me it said i already had 1. If it had said this when i checked my balance i wouldnt of topped my phone up i would of topped my partners phone up so i could get data bundle. As i need the data so i can send my quotes out for my job which is very important that i have them all done tonight. But now i wont have them done as the 5 pound top up wont last. This has happened before i am now really upset about the situation if you go back for the last year you will see just how much i spend on data bundles. This has caused me to maybe look for another service provider i dont want to leave but unless this is rectified i will have no other choice. My number is 07486462587 i wait for your response many thanks mark blessing.

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