O2 Voicemail Number – Pin Set Up Process, Turn On-Off O2 Voicemail

O2 voicemail is a service that interacts with all your callers when you are not available to pick their calls for any reason. It stores caller’s voice message for you so that yore can retrieve it later anytime. This article is about O2 voicemail number, its cost and setup process that teaches you to setup pin and on/off Voicemail service.

O2 Voicemail Number

Most phones are configured by default to access voicemail on speed-dial 1. To access your voicemail on O2 just press and hold 1 on your phone dialer.

O2 Voicemail Number (for O2 Phone): 901
from Abroad: 1780 (free to call)
Dial, If nothing works: +44 7802 090 100

If nothing works, call +44 7802 090 100, and O2 will text you the right number to call.

Turn Off O2 voicemail

It’s easy to turn off O2 voicemail – if you don’t need it. Just dial the following number and you are good to go.

O2 Number to Turn OFF Voicemail: 1760 (free to dial)

O2 Turn Voicemail ON

Voicemail service is available to all O2 users by default and is ready to go on all O2 phones. If it’s turned off for you then dial 1750 to turn it on (free from your mobile).

There are several ways to turn ON Voicemail on O2. You just have to text your operator in the following format.

O2 Turn ON Voicemail: 1750 (free from your mobile)

Voicemail Cost

If you’re an O2 Pay Monthly customer, calls to 901 are free. And, if you’re an O2 “Pay As You Go” user, they’re charged at your standard tariff rate.

If you’re abroad, it costs the same to listen to a voicemail as it does to make a call to the UK. There’s no charge for receiving a message if you don’t listen to it.

How to Setup O2 Voicemail Pin?

When you’ll dial 901 for the first time, your operator will ask you to set up O2 voicemail pin. To access your voicemail next time, you need to have this pin ready.

How to Reset O2 Voicemail Pin?

You can reset your O2 voicemail pin by sending following text to your operator.

Setup Voicemail Pin: text “RESET” to 802901

Once you have sent this text to O2, you’ll receive a 5 digit code. Now call 901 and enter this number to set up your voicemail pin. Follow the instructions and you are good to go.

Listening to voicemail messages

Dial 901 to access voicemail menu where you can navigate through messages. Dial:

  • 0 to pause or continue
  • 4 to skip five seconds backward
  • 6 to skip five seconds forwards

After you listen to your messages you can dial:

  • 1 to replay
  • 2 to save
  • 3 to delete
  • 5 to return call
  • 8 to hear who called and when

Something Not Working?

If you are facing problems with voicemail then it’s time to reach O2 customer support or you can look into the following faq-

O2 Voicemail Help FAQ: https://www.o2.co.uk/help/digital-services/voicemail

Please note that it may cost you to call O2 customer care. For more, check official page – https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus