Follow Any of the 5 Ways to Check Balance in O2 Number!

Hello O2 customers, this article is dedicated to teaching you different ways of checking your O2 balance & o2 coverage checker. You can use any of the following methods to know your O2 airtime balance in pay as you go or monthly contract sim.

How to Check O2 Mobile Balance?

Use My O2 App

Smartphone apps are great. Most organisations and telecom companies provide their own official mobile app. You can also download mobile app for O2. Get O2 coverage checker method.

Download My O2 App:

This mobile app will allow you to check your balance, recharge online, manage add on and others O2 number related tasks.  There are loads of features available, whether you’re on Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly. The app isn’t available for O2 Business customers at the moment.

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You can also Dial MMI/USSD code number to check your balance in your O2 number. The best thing about USSD code is that you don’t need internet connectivity on your mobile and it’s free to dial.

O2 Check Balance (MMI/USSD code):  *#10# (payg)

Click on the above USSD code To Dial it directly from our website. It’s Simple – enjoy!

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O2 Number to Check Balance!

You can also know your O2 balance by giving a miss call to following O2 balance checking number. You just have to click on the following number to dial it will be automatically disconnected.

O2 Number to Know your Balance:  4444 (payg)

Then within a few seconds you will get a text from your Telecom operator having your sim card balance and validity details.

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Check your Balance on O2 via TEXT!

If you want to know your remaining amount in O2 number then type the following text and send it mobile operator.

O2 Check Balance (via Text): not known

This service is free and you won’t be charged for this.

Know your O2 Balance Online!

You can also check your O2 balance online using your Mac or PC. The first thing you have to do is to register your number with the official website.

Register or Login: (monthly and payg)

After creating an account online, you can login anytime to check your balance and do other sim related task.

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Contact O2 Customer Care

If you are having trouble checking your O2 balance then you can dial the customer care number.

O2 Customer Care Details:

Please note that it may cost you to call EE customer care.

More Info on O2

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O2 Network Issues – Are there O2 Network Problems? Is O2 Down?

Since 2002, O2 is in operation. Although, their prices are bit higher but coverage is excellent. But there are situations when we face O2 network problem or have O2 network issues. And life gets hard that time – no calls, no internet, no streaming. Anyways, in this article I am going to help you rectify this situation when O2 is down or have issues

Check the Network Status!

O2 official website facilitate their customers to check network status online. You can visit following link to check if the O2 network is down or working fine in your area.

Check O2 network Status:

O2 network checker will give you status regarding health of O2 services currently. This’ll ensure that you are not the only one who is facing such problems.

O2 Network Coverage Map

O2 might be working fine and it’s possible that only you are having O2 network problems at your home or office. It is possible that O2 mobile network signals might not be able to reach your home due to may reasons like your distance from the mast, tress-walls-builds between your place and telecom tower. In this case, You should check the O2 coverage map to see if your location is having sufficient signal strength or not.

O2 network coverage and O2 mobile coverage from nperf

What are the Common O2 Network Problems?

According to, O2 is currently facing these 3 types of problem.

  • Mobile phone (60%)
  • network (20%)
  • Mobile internet (20%)

These states for O2 are valid right now but will most probably be different when you’ll read this. I know O2 will work and improve these issues.

O2 Network Issues Today

If you are curious about the O2 service/signal status today. And having O2 network problem then you might want to checkout following links. These websites can track the O2 network issues and problems in real time.

  • Downdetector.UK

So, is O2 network down? You can know this by checking out these website. Usually, you can see lots of activity on these websites.

More Information

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Reach Customer Care Service

If your issue with O2 network remains as it is – then, it’s time to reach customer care with your problem. You can either reach via their website and have online chat or raise forum ticket/post.

Still having Network Issues – Share with Us!

So it’s an unlucky day? You are just having O2 network problems. The reason could be – O2 network is down for some reason and you might not be alone. Share your experiences with us! We are here to listen you!

O2 Coverage Map & Network Coverage Checker for O2 Mobile!

O2 is one of the oldest and known mobile telecom brand in UK. You pay a little higher compared to other networks and get the excellent coverage in return. But things get bitter when you have network problem or poor reception with no data at your place or office. So, in this article I am going to provide you O2 coverage map and O2 coverage checker for checking strength and quality of O2 signals.

O2 Coverage Checker for Your Mobile

O2 users can just go to official O2 website to check network coverage. You have to enter your location zip code. Then, on the basis of input information they will calculate the O2 signal strength and quality at your place.

O2 coverage checker (official site):

Please mind that the information provided to you by O2 coverage checker is not always accurate as it is computer calculated on the basis of data they have. Usually, many factors are responsible for signal strength and quality – as mentioned in next section of this article.

O2 Coverage Map

The O2 coverage map gives you some idea as to where in the country the signal gets stronger or weaker. The signal strength is affected by many factors such as environment condition on the test day, your distance from the mast, hurdles and objects between your place and the tower (building, walls, trees etc).

OpenSignal – O2 Coverage Map

According to, they provide O2 coverage map by collecting signal strength data from UK crowd who are using their app. This app helps to gather data about network coverage and its strength.

O2 coverage map from Opensignal

O2 Network Coverage – RootMatrics have their own data and stats for O2 network. You can find O2 network coverage on a map – on the basis of speed, performance and technology.

O2 Mobile Coverage Map is a well known website for showing data and stats for different networks around the globe. Here is a screenshot from them regarding – O2 network coverage the latest network coverage information on their website.

O2 network coverage and O2 mobile coverage from nperf

Are You Having O2 Network Issue or Problem?

If you are having problem with O2 network then you might not be alone. It might be an internal fault at O2 side. In that case, you can check out following three website for such incidents.

  • (official website)

These sites show real time information and past activities about O2 network problems and issues. If O2 is having any issue then you can find lots of comment, activity and responses on these websites.

More on O2

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Still Got Questions on Network Coverage?

If you are still having some questions regarding O2 network coverage map or O2 mobile coverage. Then the best bet is to call customer support and discuss with them regarding same.